Book recs: Neil Gaiman, Stardust


Neil Gaiman’sĀ StardustĀ stuns readers with its magical prose, plainspoken yet rich in vivid imagery that will surely take you back to the time full of wonder and fantasy. He takes you on an adventure, catapulting you from your boring reality to this world he created born from colourful imagination. Gaiman masterfully inserts characters from childhood fantasy books, reshaping and modernizing their tales that makes this book a tad nostalgic. And he uses this fantasy world to depict human nature, shows the rights and wrongs, and the lessons that go along with it. He brings in magic, fairies, knights, witches, unicorns and fallen stars to tell the story of Tristran Thorn and his journey to find himself and the world beyond his. It is an adventure that is wild from start to finish.

However, I wouldn’t categorize this as a children’s book, but more like a tale for adults who still seek the wonderful world of fantasy.

Gaiman has become a favourite of mine. His world took me out from my reading slump and reminded me that I can still revisit childhood fantasies.