I’m Interning

I went back to school for a postgraduate certificate in digital marketing and I’m now interning at a start-up company. So far, the experience has been good. My boss has been accommodating and already paid for my Social Marketing Certification from Hootsuite. Which was surprising! I didn’t expect him to invest in me at all considering I’m only an intern. Here’s to hoping that I will actually blow him away with my ideas.

I’ve been really busy trying to build my own portfolio and getting more experience out there. I’m hoping to learn more from this internship and gain something from it in the end as well. The creative industry is very competitive and if I keep complaining about how it’s hard to get a job, then I will never get a job. I just have to #hustle.

Cross your fingers. Also, prayers are appreciated as well.

Also, can you believe how fast May went? I’m actually scared.